The Unofficial Comprehensive Dr. Gene Scott Master Tape Database & List Of Lists
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This page shows the status of the project and provides a Key/Legend and Notes for the data contained on this site.

Those listed as "Have" are items in the author's personal collection. If you have additional items that you would make available, please contact me via email.
Those items listed as "Validated" have been confirmed with a primary source such as a master tape log, broadcast log, or physical tape.
If you have additional validated data that would fill a 'missing' or 'unvalidated' field, please contact me via email.

Click on links in "Tab" column to view that list.

The Unofficial Comprehensive Dr. Gene Scott Master Tape Database & List Of Lists
Tab Contents Count Have Validated Master List Status
S Master list of all Festival Of Faith (S) Tapes 3452 814 23.58% 100.00% Complete. Missing some date/time data (also see note 6)
LF Master list of All Living Faith (LF,LFH,LFR) Tapes 212 202 95.28% 100.00% Complete & Validated
VF Master list of All Voice Of Faith (VF,VFR) Tapes 1456 1214 83.38% 98.56% Complete, 32 Validations still needed.
M Master list of All Mom & Pop Scott (M) Tapes 83 19 22.89% 100.00% Complete, 10 Validations still needed.
C Master list of all Communion (C) Tapes 291 188 64.60% 98.97% Complete, 3 Validations still needed. Missing some source/length data.
H Master list of all Shalom - Gathering at the Table of the Lord (H) Tapes 25 4 16.00% 100.00% Complete & Validated
PN Master list of all Pastoral Nugget (PN) Tapes 70 32 45.71% 100.00% Complete & Validated. Some original dates & sources still needed
CSL Master list of all C.S. Lewis (CSL) Tapes 17 8 47.06% 94.12% Complete, 1 Validation still needed. Missing some date/from data.
MS Master list of all Miracle Service (MS) Tapes 15 0 0.00% 100.00% Complete & Validated
ALR Master list of all Easter Resurrection (ALR) Tapes 23 11 47.83% 100.00% Complete & Validated
Alb Master list of all Tape Album Sets 2985 2049 68.64% 70.25% Some albums still need content data
Special Master list of all Special Tapes 76 60 78.95% 86.84% Complete, 10 Validations still needed. Missing some date/venue data (see note 5)
DN Master list of all Doc Notes 79 0 0.00% 100.00% Complete & Validated
Bks Master list of all Books (Including Bible Museum) 38 36 94.74% 100.00% Complete [counts represents only books authored by Doc]
OP Master list of all Other Publications (Truth, TPS, Doc-Letters, LA Times Ads) 102 60 58.82% 93.14% In work (many original copies lost)
Art Master list of all Doc Art 198 15 7.58% 9.60% In work (much data needed)
Sec Master list of all 'Secret-x' fundraising events & Secrets 14 1 7.14% 92.86% In work (additional secret data needed)
Stn List of broadcast Stations used          
Msc List of other Miscellaneous ministry info          
Sng List of all Songs audio/video in collection          
Unk List of all unknown audio/video tapes in collection          
Color Coding For Items On Tabs 100% Complete & Validated
Video Video in collection >85% Complete - Some Validations remaining
Audio Audio in collection >70% Many Validations and/or Data missing
Cassette Tape Cassette Tape in collection (Digitized if Audio is also indicated) <70% In work - Significant holes
Text Document Text Transcription in collection Unique Tapes
Book/Art/Secret Book/Art in collection, Secret attended Total 5570
Milestone Milestone indicator in Master List Have 2497
Unvalidated Unvalidated Entry/Missing Data Pct 44.83%
  1) Through 12/08/1986 this list was created first-hand from an authorized primary source document and should be considered definitive
  2) After 12/08/1986, items marked as 'Validated' have been verified with a primary source and should be considered definitive
  3) "Validated" Tapes have been confirmed with a Primary Source (Master Tape Log, Broadcast Log, Official Audio Cassette)
  4) Some early Tapes were distributed with a different numbering scheme, where physical exemplars are present these are noted in the 'AKA' column
  5) The 'Special' tab contains many pre-1975 recordings identified only by CT-# and title.  Venue & dates are determined by message context.
  6) Entries on the S-tab are discontinuous, missing rows are programs that are not known to have been published