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Dates shown refer to the date the item was created, not the date it was first introduced on a program.
If you have additional validated data that would fill a 'missing' or 'unvalidated' field or if you have a .jpg of one to share, please contact me via email.

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Date Copies Price Media Title Print(s) .jpg
05/27/1985 1000  $    100  LS Doc's Precious Buns 126 X
09/27/1985      WC David & Bathsheba    
09/27/1985      LS Doc Picking a Painting    
09/27/1985      LS Festival, The    
09/27/1985 100  $ 1,000  LS TV Evangelist, The    
09/27/1985 ?  ?  WC David & Bathsheba  (don't know which of the 2 were made into prints)    
09/29/1985 50  $ 5,000  WC David & Bathsheba  (don't know which of the 2 were made into prints)    
10/03/1985 20 $10,000  WC I See the Light    
10/05/1985 1000    WC Satan is Bound 155 & 156 X
10/15/1985 1000    WC Aholinahead 44 & 329 X
10/15/1985 1000    WC Loner, The 193 X
10/16/1985       F--- You Devil (Last hour on 99.5 KHOF-FM)    
10/16/1985 500    WC Against the Gates of Hell 350 X
10/23/1985      WC Leap of Faith, The    
10/27/1985       (multicolored sailboat)    
10/27/1985       (parasailing)    
10/28/1985       (bay)    
10/31/1985      WC Shove It in a Bureaucrat's Face    
11/09/1985      WC Sunset of World History (The Revelation Series), The   X
11/10/1985 100    WC Seven Churches of Asia (The Revelation Series), The 97 X
12/01/1985 300    WC Voice of the Trumpet (The Revelation Series), The 143 X
12/07/1985      WC Man On the White Horse (The Revelation Series), The    
03/08/1986 5000  $     50  WC Wrecking Ball Lost, The 447 & 878 X
03/08/1986       (bell)    
03/27/1986      WC Sackcloth Sun (aka Sixth Seal, The) (The Revelation Series), The    
03/29/1986      WC Nearing Catalina  (boats in harbor)    
03/29/1986      WC Nearing Catalina  (statue on island)    
04/19/1986      WC (3 sailboats)    
04-xx-86      OP TNT    
04-xx-86       (horse ring & telephone pole)    
05/03/1986       (horse show)    
05/07/1986       (horse show)    
05/08/1986       (Rolls & truck)    
05/24/1986       (horse & trainer in ring)    
05/29/1986       (SOR barn)    
07/15/1986       (house & patio)    
08/11/1986       (SOR ring)    
09/20/1986       All We Did was Send Him to the Corner Grocery for a Loaf of Bread, & He Ain't Back Yet!  (vw & sun)    
10/13/1986      WC Indian Summer    
10/18/1986       (horse ring)    
10/25/1986       (SOR ring & rider)    
11/11/1986       (SOR party)    
11/20/1986       (horse show)    
01-xx-87     MM Interior Landscapes (3 separate pieces: Indian statue; fireplace; patio)    
02/28/1987       (grandstand)    
03-xx-87     WC Storm at C.A.R.E.S.  (parking lot)    
03/30/1987 153   WC Doc's Pot 57 X
04/01/1987 153   WC Doc's Pad 53 X
04/05/1987       (horse show trucks)    
04/11/1987       (horse ring)    
04/12/1987 153   WC The Birds of Paradise 79 X
04/16/1987 153   WC The Old Oak Tree In My Yard 76 X
04/18/1987       (blue & green scene)    
04/21/1987 153   WC Roses On The Pebble Table 47 X
05/16/1987       (#144 horse show)    
05/30/1987 70   WC Judges Perch   X
05/30/1987       (horse jumping)    
06/06/1987       (horse & rider)    
07/08/1987       (horse show)    
07/15/1987       (horse show stalls)    
07/18/1987       (house)    
10/10/1987 153   WC This Bud's For You 120 X
10/10/1987 153   WC Under the Jacaranda Tree 115 X
01/03/1988       (horse show)    
01/19/1988       (Judas on horse)    
01-xx-88      IS Cindy in Contemplation    
01-xx-88      IS Cottage, The    
01-xx-88      IS Diehard Laker Addicts    
01-xx-88      IS Doc on Clyde-Julie on Ground    
01-xx-88      IS Mousy Anonymous    
01-xx-88      IS Saturday at the Cottage    
01-xx-88      IS Self Studies    
01-xx-88       (horse barn)    
01-xx-88       (1 horse; 1 trainer)    
01-xx-88       (1 horse; 2 trainers)    
05-07-88     WCP Views of Del Mar  (3 beach condos (faint--impressionist))    
05/12/1988     WCP Views of Del Mar  (3 beach condos (solid--realist))    
07/09/1988      WC Balloon Invasion    
07/25/1988       (house)    
07/28/1988      WC American Freedom:  Up, Up & Away    
09/07/1988      WC Mist at Highpoint    
10/07/1988     WCC  (Carl sitting in a Swiss hotel lobby)    
11/19/1988       (lit city)    
11/26/1988       (interior house)    
12/28/1988       (blue)    
01/10/1989     OP First Issue of Uruguay, The  (date could also be 1-16-89)    
01/12/1989       Same Words Bring Death to Some & Life to Others, The (aka "Surfing on the Word")    
01/23/1989       (super bowl)    
03/01/1989       (pool & umbrella table)    
03/03/1989       (3 crosses far away)    
03/03/1989       (3 crosses close up)    
08-xx-89       (field)    
03-25-90       (palm trees & pool)    
07-xx-93      CC (bbq)    
07-xx-93      CC (lake)    
07-xx-93      CC (mountain)    
07-xx-93      CC (lake)    
07-xx-93      CC (lake & boats)    
01-xx-95      PS Views of Anguilla (3 pieces: house/tree; undated harbor/beach city; undated poolside)    
01-xx-96      OP Master of All He Surveys    
07-xx-96       (Melissa horizontal)    
xx-xx-96      OA Along the Bank    
xx-xx-96      OA Artist & Model    
xx-xx-96      AP Black Bottom Pool    
xx-xx-96      OA California Landscape    
xx-xx-96      AP Crossing the Jordan    
xx-xx-96      OA Just Between Us Mountains    
xx-xx-96      OA Kentucky Autumn    
xx-xx-96      OA Lion King, The    
xx-xx-96      OP Lonesome Pine, The    
xx-xx-96      OA Mardi Gras (Holidays-2)    
xx-xx-96      OP Mountain Day    
xx-xx-96      OA Mountain Duality    
xx-xx-96      OA My Yard on a Summer's Day    
xx-xx-96      OA Oblivious Cow, The    
xx-xx-96      OA Pale    
xx-xx-96      OA Point of Departure    
xx-xx-96      OA Red Barn, The    
xx-xx-96      OA Silent Night    
xx-xx-96      OA Triptych with Eagle    
xx-xx-96      OA True Meaning of Christmas, The (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-96      OA Vermont Harbor    
xx-xx-96      OP View of Lassen    
xx-xx-96      OA Yosemite Valley    
01-xx-97      OA "L.A. Traffic.  I Got So Frustrated, I Got Out & Walked."    
02-xx-97       (similar to cathart)    
03-xx-97      OA Answer to Life's Storms, The    
03-xx-97      OA Easter:  The Resurrection (Holidays-3)    
03-xx-97      OA Funkamentalists' Final Port o' Call: The Lake of Fire, The    
03-xx-97      OA Passover (Holidays-6)    
04-xx-97      OA Adam's Rib    
04-xx-97      AP City of Angels    
04-xx-97      OA Fourth of July at the Rose Bowl (Holidays-8)    
04-xx-97      OA New Years' Eve (Holidays-#)    
04-xx-97      OA Second & Third Days of Creation, The    
04-xx-97       St. Patrick's (Holidays-#)    
04-xx-97      OA Thanksgiving Day:  The Macy's Parade (Holidays-9)    
07-xx-97       (charro--mexican hat)    
07-xx-97       In the Beginning, God Created the Heavens & the Earth    
07-xx-97       Nice Ass    
07-xx-97       Peace in the Valley    
07-xx-97       Pluck Yew    
07-xx-97       Real Woman    
07-xx-97       (triangles)    
08-xx-97       (carrying surfboard along beach)    
08-xx-97       (Peruvian family of 3 in front of iglesia)    
xx-xx-97     AP Birdland  (from Flamingo Lake in Africa)    
xx-xx-97      OA Cinco De Mayo (Holidays-4)    
xx-xx-97      OA Doc's Flower Pot    
xx-xx-97      AC Diver, The    
xx-xx-97     OA Escape to Miami  (boat-people leaving Haiti)    
xx-xx-97      OA Halloween (Holidays-5)    
xx-xx-97      OA Indian Masada, The    
xx-xx-97      AP Get On the Phone (Wherever You Are)    
xx-xx-97       Manhattan--Early Morning (all blue)    
xx-xx-97      OA Modern Art Adrift on an Uncharted Sea, or, is Jackson Pollack All Wet?    
xx-xx-97      AP Peckerville (Not All Peckers are the Same)    
xx-xx-97      OA Shepherd, The    
xx-xx-97      AP Sorry Sir    
xx-xx-97      OA Water/Rock    
xx-xx-97      OA We Go to the Rock    
xx-xx-xx       Orgasm   X
xx-xx-xx       (7-fingered salute self-portrait)    
xx-xx-xx       (footprints along beach)    
xx-xx-xx       (horse head)    
xx-xx-xx       (interior of parents' house)    
xx-xx-xx       (woman on dock; man in sailboat)    
xx-xx-xx       (Arizona Landscape? (across from train))    
xx-xx-xx       (Ship Locks at Panama Canal? (across from Flower Suite))    
xx-xx-xx     OA American Freedom:  The Open Road (Doc bicycling)    
xx-xx-xx       Armed & Dangerous    
xx-xx-xx      OP Cathart    
xx-xx-xx       Chinese New Year (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-xx      WC Cold, Cold Day in Washington, DC, A    
xx-xx-xx       Day My Staff Drove Me Buggy, The    
xx-xx-xx       Don Quixote--the Man of La Mancha    
xx-xx-xx       Easy Way & the Hard Way, The (helicopter)    
xx-xx-xx       Father's Day (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-xx      WC Horse Show Dream    
xx-xx-xx      OP Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Finds a Home    
xx-xx-xx      OA Love Birds, The    
xx-xx-xx       Marriage:  A Collision which Produces a Little Bit of Heaven & a Whole Lot of Hell (OP) (triangle & circle)    
xx-xx-xx       Martin Luther King Jr. Day:  Free At Last (Holidays-#) (b-2 stealth bomber)    
xx-xx-xx       Memorial Day (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-xx      AP Multicolored Grace    
xx-xx-xx       My Birthday (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-xx      OA Old Windmill, The    
xx-xx-xx       Rainbow Collision, The    
xx-xx-xx     OP Red Sails in the Sunset (orange sky with seagulls)    
xx-xx-xx       Sadie Hawkins' Day (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-xx       Schuss Down Pork Chop Hill    
xx-xx-xx      WC Silence (The Revelation Series)   X
xx-xx-xx      MM Train in a Snow Storm (MM)    
xx-xx-xx       Triptick of an Eagle    
xx-xx-xx       Valentine's Day (Holidays-#)    
xx-xx-xx       Vanishing Indian, The (completed in about half an hour)    
xx-xx-xx      OP Wagon Train at Sunset    
xx-xx-xx       We Shall Mount Up with Wings as Eagles (fighter jet)    
xx-xx-xx       Wormwood (HaleBopp & UFO)    
Abbrev. Media Type
AP Acrylic Painting
AW Acrylic & Watercolor Painting
CC Charcoal & Crayon
IS Ink Sketch
LS Lead Sketch
MM Mixed Media
OA Oil & Acrylic Painting
OP Oil Painting
PS Pastel Sketch
WC Watercolor Painting
WCC Watercolor & Crayon
WCP Watercolor & Pencil
WPC Watercolor, Pencil, & Crayon