The Unofficial Comprehensive Dr. Gene Scott Master Tape Database & List Of Lists
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Date Secret Event
12/30/1984 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in LA, CA at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel
02/23/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in SF, CA at the Hyatt Regency
05/11/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in SF, CA at the Hyatt Regency
03/30/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in Dallas, Texas at the AMFAC Hotel
04/20/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria
05/25/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in Tulsa, Oklahoma
07/27/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in Nashville, Tennessee at the Vanderbilt Plaza
05/18/1985 $10,000 per plate at Chasen's Restaurant (California Room) in LA, CA
10/11/1985 Secret-1 ($100 per plate) in Hartford, Connecticut at the Park View Hilton
08/30/1986 $10,000 per plate ($15,000 per couple) at Secret-1
08/01/1986 $1,000 per hot-dog (Bring-Your-Own-Buns) at SOR
xx/xx/xxxx Secret-5 at Secret-1 ($10,000 per couple)
11/02/1990 Secret 5 - Communion & Presentation At Sunset Mausoleum
12/22/1990 Secret-5 & Mid-Winter Horse Show ($1,000 per family) SOR
Secret # Secret Validated
1 Philatelic Museum X
2 Hope Street Church (HSC) X
3 New Name for HSC X
4 Mount Wilson Observatory X
5 Caribbean Beacon X
6 SW Word-Wide Coverage X
7 8 year contract with Radio Moscow on 2 Russian Satellites with transmitters located in Novosibirsk, Samara and Krasnodar, Russia (05/20/1994) X
8 New transmitter for Caribbean Beacon (1994) X
9 Doc's Website (1996) X
11 New SW Frequencies X
12 Costa Rica Shortwave - 5 Transmitters (1999) X
15 Paying off the lease option on LAUC and housing the rest of the Bible collection. 700 people to give $10,000 each by 12/30/02.
On 12/29/02 Secret 15 victory proclaimed as the LAUC leases were paid off (VF-1431)
16 Salvage, refurbish and resurrect the Jesus Saves Signs X