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Those listed as "Exists" (with blue title) are items in the author's personal collection. If you have additional original items that you would make available, please contact me via email.
Those items listed as "Validated" have been confirmed with a primary source such as a master tape log, broadcast log, or physical tape.
If you have additional validated data that would fill a 'missing' or 'unvalidated' field, please contact me via email.

Tape # Title or Subject Date From Length Exists Validated
PN-1 Predestination Vs. Freedom 06/19/1984 S-1730 :16 X X
PN-2 The Message Has Always Been Faith 06/24/1984 S-1733 :23 X X
PN-3/4 Giving: Koinonia 07/09/1984 S-1744   X X
PN-5 THE THEOLOGY OF GIVING: Contribution Credit; The Third Tithe 08/14/1984 S-1770     X
PN-7 Basic Christianity 08/24/1984 S-1778     X
PN-10 The Unpardonable Sin  05/08/1985 S-1944     X
PN-11 The Cross Of Individual Responsibility 12/23/1984 S-1866   X X
PN-12 Phones And Pledges 08/08/1986 S-2263     X
PN-13 Historical And Spiritual Consequences Of Non-Faith 08/27/1986 S-2280     X
PN-16 The Feast of the Tabernacles 10/13/1987 S-2571   X X
PN-17         X X
PN-18  Money Talk - Tax Deduction Credit, GSEA. 02/29/1988 S-2763     X
PN-19 Giving Via Taxonomy       X X
PN-20 Giving: A Taxonomy       X X
PN-21 God Loves The Hilarious Giver       X X
PN-26 An  Introduction To Higher Criticism - OT Sources of Doublets & Triplets 03/19/1989 S-3012     X
PN-27 Boobs On Stamps         X
PN-30 What is a King's House?         X
PN-31 Clearing Up Confusion In The Last Days - Islamic History - 'Islam In The Arab World' (Daniel 11) 09/25/1990 S-3385   X X
PN-35 First Fruits       X X
PN-37 Norman Grubbs Letter Regarding C.T. Studd 08/28/1991 S-3594   X X
PN-38 The Eastern Church and our Crumbling Constitution 09/01/1991 S-3597   X X
PN-41 The Pastor's Reserve Guard 10/31/1991 S-3636     X
PN-42 The False Prophet And The Harlot Church 12/22/1991 S-3670   X X
PN-43 Ephesians: The Apostle "Sent" & "Equipped"       X X
PN-44 Pastoral Speech: Marriage Among The Chosen; Wives Submit To, and Revere, Your Husbands - Husbands Love Your Wives (Eph. 5, 6; Rom. 13)  11/10/1992 S-3838   X X
PN-45 Giving - Feast Of The Tabernacles 09/13/1993 S-3967   X X
PN-46 Phillipian Slavery         X
PN-47 Giving: Paul's Doxology To Christianity       X X
PN-48 Philippians 1 (with Spanish translation)         X
PN-49 Phillipian Responsibility 12/14/1993 S-4020   X X
PN-50 Claire Grace's Prophecy         X
PN-52 Horses: A Special Explanation         X
PN-53 The Nature Of Commitment Vs. The Philosophy Of Progressive Education 06/03/1994 S-4125   X X
PN-54 The Female Pope       X X
PN-55 Dr. Gene Scott Teaching Crusade 08/05/1994 S-4150   X X
PN-56 Ben Franklin and the Debate on the Constitution 08/07/1994 S-4151   X X
PN-57 Taking The Word To The World 08/09/1994 S-4152   X X
PN-58 God's Ways Are Not Our Ways         X
PN-59 The Pressure Of The Life Of Faith         X
PN-60 Treasures In The Field         X
PN-61 Treasures In The Field (Part 2)         X
PN-62 Spiritual Warfare Against Kosmokratoras 01/01/1995 S-4241   X X
PN-63 Colossians 2       X X
PN-64 Doc on Women         X
PN-65 God's Blow Job       X X
PN-66 Women In The Church         X
PN-67 Giving - The Table of Shewbread       X X
PN-68 Scroggie's Guide To The Gospels         X
PN-69 You've Got a Responsibility - Get Your Ass to the Cathedral         X
PN-70 Giving in the Last Days 03/21/1999     X X
PN-71 There Are No Volunteers 05/25/1999     X X
PN-72 Voices Of Faith And Commitment         X
PN-74 Make and Renew your Commitments         X
PN-75 Offerings - We Don't Do It Like Others, We Do It God's Way 02/03/2002 S-4736   X X
PN-76 Make your Reservations for the Cathedral         X
PN-77 No eMail         X
PN-78 The Feast of Tabernacles         X
PN-79 LAUC Invite         X
PN-80 Washington D.C. and A Summer of Service         X
PN-82 Move Your Ass!         X
PN-83 Democracy Sucks!         X
PN-84 Invitation to the Los Angeles University Cathedral - Sinners Wanted         X
PN-85 The KU Band         X
PN-86 An Invitation to the Los Angeles University Cathedral         X
PN-87 Dr. Scott reads from The Portable Curmudgeon edited by Jon Winokur         X
PN-89 A Subsidiary Ministry         X
PN-90 An Invitation to The Los Angeles University Cathedral         X
PN-91 Invitation to the Los Angeles University Cathedral - The Bible in English         X
PN-92 Kid's at The Cathedral         X
PN-93 Giving         X
PN-94 God Ordained Authority 06/07/2004 S-4881   X X
PN-96 Send All The Sick         X